According to research, regular exercise is a main factor in successful aging. As part of its commitment to total wellness, The Knolls offers multifaceted exercise options for all its residents – whether they’re lifelong athletes or just looking to enhance their lifestyle, even if they’ve never exercised before.

Leading the charge toward our residents’ wellness goals is The Knolls’ Fitness Coordinator, Carolyn Newman, a professional fitness instructor who has spent her life advocating the importance of health through exercise. She holds a B.S. in Physical Education and Health from New York University. “I’ve been in the fitness industry my entire professional career,” Carolyn said. “It’s never felt like a job because I just love doing it!”

Carolyn Newman is leading the charge for wellness at The Knolls

Carolyn in command

When it comes to offering exercise for all levels of ability, The Knolls has an array of options, which includes resident favorites as well as new ways to continue one’s fitness journey. “My role entails creating and teaching fitness programming for our residents, including both standing and seated aerobic classes. I also teach both deep-water and shallow-water aqua exercise classes,” Carolyn said. “Our fitness calendar has a range of activities, for residents of all abilities. My focus is to encourage people to come and try a class, even if they’ve never exercised.”

For example, as Carolyn mentioned, aquatic classes consist of traditional aerobics with the use of handheld buoys designed to use the resistance of the water to increase muscle strength. Both of The Knolls’ aqua exercise programs are offered in shallow and deep water. In addition, Carolyn incorporates feedback from residents to create new classes, based on interest. An example of this would be the “Better Balance” class, or weather permitting, a “Zen Walk.” “Yoga and Tai Chi are also an important part of our fitness and wellness programming,” Carolyn said. “Most of these classes are offered twice per week.”

A diverse background, with specialized training

Before joining the team at The Knolls, Carolyn helped people of all ages achieve their fitness goals. She taught physical education at area schools for a number of years, and then served local YMCAs, JCCs, and senior centers in Riverdale, Rockland and the greater Westchester area.

Carolyn is a Certified Fitness Specialist for Older Adults by the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research in Dallas, Texas, and continues to be dedicated to keeping people active and healthy. Her commitment to staying informed of current trends and research ensures that the residents at The Knolls are receiving the latest, scientifically supported health and wellness instruction.

A gratifying career continues at The Knolls

Carolyn shared that one of her favorite aspects of her role at The Knolls is being able to improve residents’ lives through fitness. “Being in this profession, directly serving others, is a very gratifying role. I’m grateful to be able to help the folks here maintain their active lifestyles through fitness. I had one resident tell me, ‘Carolyn, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be walking!’ – statements like that let me know I am making a difference,” she continued.

A champion for fitness (and CCRC living)

Carolyn appreciates the opportunity to work in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and understands why the CCRC lifestyle is such a smart move. “Living in a social community is such a wonderful opportunity to grow, because you have as much social interaction as you desire, and there’s always something to do,” Carolyn said. “And when the weather turns, you still have the opportunity to enjoy music, a heated pool and interactive activities. It’s a wonderful thing to be socially connected and stimulated.”

Are you interested in exploring more about fitness and wellness at The Knolls? Would you like to stop by to participate in a fitness class with Carolyn? Our team is happy to assist you, so click here to get in touch or give us a call at 914-461-4517!


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