Important Information Regarding Coronavirus

April 13, 2020

Dear Bethel Community,

Please be assured we continue to follow all CDC and NYS Department of Health protocols. This includes extensive monitoring, screening and documenting of any/all changes to determine if further intervention will need to be initiated.

We continue to enforce the “No Visitor” policy, all staff are screened each time they enter the building. Also, rigorous and frequent sanitization of the building occurs throughout the day. We thank our dedicated staff for their continued efforts to assure our residents are well cared for.

Each building Administrator is communicating with their residents and family members.

If you would like more information, please call:

Bethel Nursing & Rehabilitation Center – Croton-on-Hudson
Paul Scarpinato, Administrator, 914-739-6700

Bethel Nursing Home – Ossining
Lorraine Festa, Administrator, 914-941-7300

The Knolls – Valhalla
Michael Dobbins, Executive Director, 914-461-4500

Bethel Springvale Inn – Croton-on-Hudson
Patricia Kiggins, Administrator, 914-739-4404

Thank you.

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April 2, 2020

From Robert W. Elliott, Chairman, Bethel Board of Directors

To All Bethel Staff,

On behalf of Bethel’s Board of Directors, I want to thank you for everything you do each day for all of our residents and the Bethel organization.

Who knew this would be our reality right now? That “PPE” would become a term known to everyone besides the healthcare community? Or that “front line” workers would be given the enormous responsibility of providing both hope and help to keep the world going, whether it’s medical care, driving trucks, or stocking shelves, etc.?  All front line roles are so critical to maintain society’s well-being and sense of normalcy during this time.

And this is especially true for our residents, something, of course, you know better than anyone else. The hope and help you bring to our Bethel residents every day, when you walk into their quarantined rooms, is immeasurable. Just by your presence, even before you say a word, they know you are there for them.

Everyone wants to feel connected and comforted, especially this population and especially right now. So thank you, from all of us on the board. We may not know each of you personally, but we know what you do for Bethel and the commitment you have to our residents.


Robert W. Elliott, Chairman, Bethel’s Board of Directors

Board Members

James Campbell
Rev. Dr. John E. Carrington
Rev. Kevan T. Hitch
Margaret McGarrity
Richard Merbaum
Keith Safian
Andrew Samalin

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March 31, 2020

A Message to Our Staff

Dear Bethel Staff,

In Governor Cuomo’s Sunday press conference regarding COVID-19, he spent some time recognizing the dedication of front line workers and first responders in NY, as well as describing the special challenge of keeping nursing home residents safe from the Coronavirus.

He called the work of those on the front lines “acts of love and courage” because just like everyone else, these workers are afraid, too.  “But there is something more important than their fear,” says the governor. “And that is their passion, their commitment for public service and helping others. And that’s all it is. Their passion and belief in helping others, overcomes their fears. He continued, “That makes them, in my book, just truly amazing and outstanding human beings.”

Governor Cuomo also shared that the number of confirmed cases in NY was 59,513 and that a quarter of those cases are nursing home residents.

And although this is almost 15,000 seniors, Governor Cuomo said, “We are lucky that it’s only a quarter. Coronavirus in a nursing home is a toxic mix. This virus preys on the vulnerable, it preys on our seniors and it preys on people with compromised immune systems and underlying conditions.” He continued, “COVID-19 in a nursing home can be like fire through dry grass.”

He mentioned some of the precautionary measures which were implemented, with this vulnerability in mind, to combat COVID-19 and keep nursing home residents safe such as the “no visitor” policy, staff being screened each time they enter the building and an extensive focus on infection control. With these policies in place and other efforts, the governor hopes to fight the spread of COVID-19 among the nursing home populations.

At Bethel, we have also been emphasizing, from day one, how critical infection control is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our staff is well-versed in these protocols and the need to comply with all guidelines. They are also apprised of any changes in these practices when the Department of Health updates them.  We are also doing our best to provide staff with the needed PPE supplies, as well, to keep everyone safe.

And when Governor Cuomo talks about front line staff, we know what he’s talking about because we see it with our own employees. Our front line employees come in every day and put their fears aside so they can put the residents first. We know how hard that is, leaving their own families at home, hoping they will be safe, and worrying about the changes going on all around and what that means to their immediate and future lives.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to care for our residents during this stressful time. It is very much appreciated.

Beth Goldstein

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March 28, 2020

A Front Line Perspective

By Ed Grano, Bethel’s Corporate Director of Rehabilitation
This message appeared on an internal message board for Bethel employees

We are health care providers. We are ALL a special breed of person to have entered into this field. By our nature we have a different kind of courage and work ethic than most other people. We work for the well-being of others, and cannot help but nurture and care for our residents, families, friends, even strangers. Without people like us our society would be unlivable. To do what we all do on a normal, daily basis takes tremendous courage and character, and now our society needs us more than ever. Because we see things in people that others cannot. We see the how precious our elderly are, we learn about who they’ve been and we know who they are now, and we understand that their legacy is what gives us much of what we enjoy today. I have never been more proud to be a health care worker. In this critical time we must stay strong and flex that unique courage we have been blessed with. We must continue to care and care HARD and leave this as our legacy.

March 9, 2020

Dear Family Members,

As we are sure you are aware, the Governor has declared a State of Emergency in New York in response to Coronavirus.

In order to keep our vulnerable residents safe we are restricting visitation to all our buildings until further notice.

Only employees and medical personnel will be allowed in the buildings.

We suggest that you telephone or Facetime your loved one in lieu of visiting.

We’re sure you will work with us in our efforts to keep your loved ones safe.

Thank you,
Beth Goldstein
Chief Executive Officer

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