“To lose yourself in the service of others may be to truly find yourself.”

– Edward P. Usher.

“I love volunteering because it brings diverse and multi-generational people together to achieve a specific purpose,” says Knolls resident Sylvia N. “It offers a sense of accomplishment; it builds camaraderie and friendship.” Volunteering might also keep you healthy! According to The Harvard Health Review, “Adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers.”

Service to Others

As president of the Residents’ Council, Chairwoman of the By-Laws committee, and Welcoming Committee member, not to mention her work at the convenience store and numerous other endeavors, Sylvia is passionate about serving others.

Sylvia and her husband moved to The Knolls about three and a half years ago. She felt that finding her place in the community was easy, in large part, because of the residents and the staff. “Everyone was just so friendly to us. They instantly made us feel welcomed,” adds Sylvia. In an effort to continue to make personal connections, she quickly joined several committees, including the Residents’ Council. Soon after, she transitioned to vice president of the Council, and now serves as president.

The Residents’ Council

The Residents’ Council is composed of representatives from several resident committees, including the Cultural Arts Committee, the Welcoming Committee, and the Library Committee.

As president of the Council, Sylvia acts as a liaison between residents and the community management, speaking on behalf of the committees. She voices the representatives ideas, suggestions, concerns, and hopes to The Knolls’ management team, which includes the Vice President, CEO, and Executive Director. She then reports back to the council on all meetings.

Volunteering on Campus

In addition to her time spent with the Residents’ Council, Sylvia also volunteers at the community convenience store, attends Helping Eyes—a program dedicated to reading news to residents who may not see well—and helps create the newsletter with the News and Views staff.

She can also be found helping new residents become acclimated to The Knolls through her work with the Welcoming Committee, and has been known to help out on the Dining and Food Committee as well.

Pursuing Many Passions

When Sylvia isn’t volunteering, she takes advantage of on-site amenities and services, including the fitness room, the all-season swimming pool, the library and the many fitness classes available on a daily basis.

A sense of purpose, a joy of life, is achieved by being involved and engaged in a variety of activities that help others. It’s a positive feeling of being able to give back to one’s community,” Sylvia says.

To learn more about how to live life to the fullest, give us a call at 914-461-4517, or visit us online for your free information kit.

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