Once you’ve made the decision to make The Knolls your home, the next step is to go through the process of becoming a resident. With the help of our team, making a move to The Knolls is a seamless transition.

Making Your Selections

The first step in becoming a resident is to choose one of our seven unique floor plans. Ranging in size from 701 to 1,589 square feet, you’ll find a floor plan that fits your retirement lifestyle perfectly. All of our apartment homes have been renovated, featuring modern kitchens and living spaces.

Once you’ve selected the floor plan that best meets your needs, the next step is to make an initial 10% deposit, which is based on the size of the apartment home you’ve selected. Making a deposit will reserve your place within the community, as well as reserve your selected floor plan. This deposit will be subtracted from your initial entrance fee at settlement.

You will also select your agreement type, which will determine when and how future care services will be covered. The Knolls offers two different contract options, including Modified Fee-for-Service and Fee-for-Service. Each contract has its own benefits, and with the help of your counselor or financial advisor, you can select the one that works best for you.

Completing the Application

Next, you will complete your application. The confidential application will ask for personal information including some medical history and financial records. You’ll meet one-on-one with our physician to review your medical background, discuss any concerns you may have, and/or to answer your questions. Likewise, our Chief Financial Officer will review your financial records.

“We help new residents with any of the necessary paperwork,” says Rick Danzker, sales director at The Knolls. “They will also have the support of the move-in coordinator and we will create a customized calendar that breaks down the process.”

Once you have been medically and financially qualified, you will review and sign the residency agreement, and receive an acceptance letter in the mail. It then takes between 30 to 60 days following your signed residency agreement for settlement to take place.

At settlement, all paperwork is finalized and you will pay the balance of your initial entrance fee, less what you have already paid as a deposit. Settlement typically occurs a few days before your selected move-in date.

Moving Day

The final step in becoming a resident at The Knolls is moving day! If you would like help or assistance with your move, The Knolls has several moving companies and moving managers that we can recommend.

Lunch will be provided to you and your family to welcome you, and to make your moving day easier. And, meeting your new neighbors will be a breeze! During your first week as a resident, you will be invited to several dinners to get to know other residents. After attending campus events, spending time in the dining room, or enjoying any of the amenities, you’ll soon meet many of our welcoming residents.

Before you know it, everything will become familiar and comfortable, and you will know you’re home!

For more information on the move-in process, please give us a call today at 914-461-4517.

The Knolls
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