The seniors of today make up a unique generation of individuals who have a wide range of interests and pursuits. At The Knolls, a Life Plan Community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC), we strive to meet these broad interests by providing a generous offering of services, amenities and campus features, all close to the place you call home – Westchester County, New York.

The Place You Call Home

If you call Westchester County your home because you raised your families here, pursued your career here, or are involved in its community life and events, then The Knolls is a wonderful option for the next stage of your retirement.

At The Knolls, residents are close to everything they love in Westchester County, but have transitioned to a lifestyle of enhanced convenience. Now, instead of spending spare time doing yard work, home maintenance, cleaning, managing repairs, and cooking, there is more time for pursuing passions, traveling, spending time with family and friends, or doing whatever else one chooses!

The 30-acre campus is beautiful and serene, while still being close to the county’s amazing attractions and the metropolitan energy of New York City. Our landscaping team maintains the grounds, and our housekeeping teams take care of the chores, leaving you time to explore all that the campus, the county, and the city has to offer.

Experience a lifestyle of convenience, firsthand

The Knolls is unlike any community you’ve previously known in Westchester County! If you have yet to visit The Knolls, consider this your invitation to schedule a personalized tour and get a firsthand experience of everything we have to offer.

We’d love to have you join us for one of our many engaging classes or events. You can take a dip in the swimming pool, sit in on one of the resident committee meetings, and get to know the people who live and work here.

During your visit to The Knolls, you’ll discover a community of welcoming people who likely share your interests and love for the area. You’ll have a chance to see our modern, updated residences and a taste of the maintenance-free lifestyle that makes The Knolls so unique.

To schedule your visit to The Knolls, give us a call today at 914-461-4517, or request your tour online.

The Knolls
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