Anyone who is selling a house knows the importance of offering it at a realistic price for a quick sale. However, even though most sellers want a speedy transaction, their first instinct is often to list high and negotiate down to get the best price, but this strategy may stall and/or stop the sale. In fact, a house priced within 5% of the anticipated sales price has 3 three times the chance of selling than one priced 15% higher.

How to Find the Right Price

To avoid this, be sure to get comprehensive, detailed sales data from at least two real estate professionals. A home appraisal can also assist you in finding the right price, and the appraiser can specify any issues that may lower the value. This feedback gives you a chance to fix any issues before listing.

It’s always best to seek numerous professional opinions from people who can study the market, examine the competition, and pick a price that will help your house sell. Although you may know your house best, personal ties can influence opinions on pricing. Chances are, if you’ve priced it properly, you will receive an offer in the first 30 days.

Today’s Buyer

When selling your home, you must appeal to today’s buyer. Taking steps, such as staging and decluttering before you put your home on the market, can also contribute to a quick sale.

Serious buyers spend a significant amount of time shopping. With the internet, buyers can easily search online for homes that meet their criteria and quickly eliminate those that fall short. Buyers also receive professional pricing advice from their real estate agent, so it is important to price right it realistically.

Once you sell your house and move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), like The Knolls, you can start enjoying your maintenance-free retirement lifestyle right away!

An added benefit of choosing The Knolls is the opportunity to work with Premier Transitions, a senior relocation services organization that will oversee every step of the moving process, from downsizing and home staging, to selling your house, packing and moving. These management services are available to new residents of The Knolls—at no cost. (For more information about these and other Premier Transitions’ services, read our blog!)

At The Knolls, you’ll also enjoy services such as home and campus maintenance, scheduled transportation, cultural arts programs, a full schedule of social and recreational activities and trips, and 24-hour security. You’ll also have access to amenities like the indoor swimming pool, wellness center, game room, salon and barbershop, the library and the scenic 30-acre campus.

The sooner you become a resident, the sooner you can take advantage of all this and more.

For more information about The Knolls, or to request a personal tour and appointment, give us a call at 914-468-4728, or visit us online.

The Knolls
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