“Moving was daunting,” Harold R. recalls, a new neighbor who just moved into The Knolls in early April. “My wife and I had been in our house for 39 years. The full attic was… well… full!”  And that was just the tip of the downsizing process that lay ahead.

Despite the challenge, Harold says that Maureen at Premier Transitions made the move more smooth and efficient than he thought possible. Working with Premier Transitions also saved Harold the work and worry of finding and vetting all the right services providers.

“Maureen was very helpful in giving me names for the people I needed to hire—organizers, people to help me pack, an attorney and a real estate agent. What I needed was manpower… very trustworthy, very efficient. For each category, she suggested several people. I was able to interview them and create my own team.”

Downsizing also provided unexpected opportunities for Harold.

“It took a long time to pack up the house,” Harold recalls. “I had an opportunity to keep only what I really wanted. I was very clear about it. There was a lot to throw out. I had a 30-yard dumpster that you could fit a car in and it filled up pretty quickly!” he laughs. “And I still packed 200 cartons!” he exclaims.

Why did Harold choose The Knolls as his new home? “My wife and I had been looking to downsize for a number of years. We had gone through the experiences of having to find a nursing home for her father and later for mine. We said we never wanted to put our children through that.”

“We wanted independent living with the ‘luxury’ of assisted living in the community should that need arise. We looked here and at another community. We just felt The Knolls was right for us. It had more amenities… there’s housecleaning… a swimming pool. We came for dinners and they were very good!” Another real plus is that Harold and his wife had lived near The Knolls. He’s just as close to longtime friends and can plan outings to his favorite places in the Westchester community, and Harold’s already making new friends here.

“My wife passed away 20 months ago,” Harold relates. “Then I was definitely going to downsize. I am very happy that I am here. The residents are friendly as can be. The staff is wonderful. The people in the marketing department… everyone I’ve dealt with is so easy to work with… very pleasant and very helpful.”

Harold is looking forward to getting involved and active with his new neighbors through many of the social and recreational opportunities at The Knolls.  “I just moved in 13 days ago.”

Harold chose The Whitney, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence that features a large living and dining area, and a porch! Thanks to his work with Maureen of Premier Transitions, he knows that when he finishes unpacking, he’ll be surrounded by his favorite items, artwork, photos, and furniture without the burden of excess clutter.

For more information on making a move to The Knolls, give us a call today at 914-468-4728, or visit us online. With a wide variety of one- and two-bedroom floor plans, you’ll find the perfect floor plan at The Knolls.

The Knolls
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