As you walk through the halls at The Knolls, you will see a special alcove that contains a display case and several art pieces on the wall. Inside the case, you’ll see the artwork our residents have created, both at and outside of The Knolls. The newest art on display? Paintings and jewelry made by Bea, a resident at The Knolls for the past 16 years.

Bea’s art has only been on display for a little while, but the community’s positive response to it was almost immediate. She has even sold a few pieces to The Knolls’ staff. The most surprising part? She’s self-taught!

Bea shows off some of her projects, created with her exploration into art at The Knolls

“I had been into loom weaving, and I was looking for something else to do,” Bea explained. “So I was sitting and watching some videos on my iPad and came across some abstract painting instructional guides on YouTube. I decided I wanted to try it, so I bought the paint and canvas, and gave it a shot!”


Exploring her artistic side

Bea may not have a formal background in art, but since she has lived at The Knolls, she has ventured into a handful of different artistic mediums:  Weaving, making jewelry and, of course, painting.

“Weaving and painting are so different,” Bea noted. “But I am getting a great kick out of painting because it’s something I never thought I could do. Everyone has been very encouraging, and I plan to continue with it.”

Bea shared that while she typically paints on her own, she attends the weekly painting class at The Knolls to meet with the guest instructor, David. She asks David for input on her techniques (including the “dirty pour,” “flip” and “swipe”), and he provides “good instruction” and encouragement. David was also the one who encouraged Bea to have an art show for her paintings.

“I never intended to have my work on display,” Bea said humbly, “but the residents and staff here were so encouraging, and everyone’s feedback on the art show has been wonderful. Matt [The Knolls’ Marketing Coordinator] just bought my favorite painting!”


Creative opportunities in a great environment

Bea explained that The Knolls has a dedicated art studio as well as a dedicated art gallery, which is curated by The Knolls’ Cultural Arts Department and regularly features resident-crafted art. She also noted that many residents participate in different artistic endeavors, whether on or off campus. For example, many residents at The Knolls get creative at local spaces such as the Rye Arts Center or ArtsWestchester.

Regardless of where they practice art or their preferred creative medium, our residents have both learned new creative skills and reignited favorite hobbies. Bea went on to say that most residents have created something themselves, whether it be a piece of jewelry, a scarf, a shawl or a blanket.

Independent of her artistic work, Bea enjoys being a part of an active community, where there’s “always something to do – you can be as social or as private as you like.”

“Living here is great for seniors,” Bea continued, “It’s so nice to have everything taken care of, from meals to home maintenance to having plenty to do with trips and activities. Moving here was the best decision I ever made.”

Call today to visit The Knolls for a personalized tour, where you’ll be able to explore the community’s artistic offerings, floor plans and more. While you’re here, feel free to check out Bea’s paintings in the display case in the art alcove – just keep in mind her lighthearted request that any criticism be kept to yourself! To get in touch for a visit, simply click here or call us at 914-461-4500.


The Knolls
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