Let’s say you’ve made the decision to move to The Knolls, a beautiful retirement community located in Valhalla, NY. Your choice means you’ll soon be living an active, maintenance-free lifestyle, with peace of mind for the future. And, as you prepare to start this new life, you’ll likely want to sell some items before moving.

You may ask yourself: “Is there a market for the items I no longer want? How do I sell items of value? What’s the best way to sell online?”

The Knolls and Premier Transitions can help! Premier Transitions is a full-service senior relocation program that will help you through each step of the moving process, at no cost to you. It can also help you find the best ways to sell your unwanted items.

We’ll cover some recommended methods for selling items in this article, so you can start rightsizing into your retirement lifestyle.

Furniture and Household Items

When it comes to selling furniture, collectibles and other household items, it’s important to consider that there may be a limited market, so as you go through the selling process, it’s essential to remain realistic about what should be sold and what can be donated.

Start your process by checking with several resources like consignment shops, estate sale professionals, antique appraisers and online marketplaces to determine whether any interest exists in the items you wish to sell. Be sure to take photos of each item and send them to a variety of these resources. If you opt for an estate sale, Premier Transitions can help facilitate the organization of the sale.

If you find that you are unable to sell any furniture or household items, consider donating them to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill or religious groups. In this case, you’ll be able to apply the donation as a tax write-off.


For electronic devices like phones, tablets and computers, you can sell them on online as many companies offer buyback programs.

These websites include Swappa.com for Android devices; Gazelle.com for Apple products, Android devices, BlackBerry and other phones; and NextWorth.com for phones, cameras, tablets and games. And although, you’ll typically get the highest return by selling on eBay; many of these other services make it quicker, easier and safer to sell your electronics.

Selling Items Online

There are endless opportunities to sell just about anything online. From eBay and eBid, to Facebook, Etsy and more, it’s easier than ever to connect with buyers. There are several location-based smartphone apps that can connect you with local buyers, too, such as Facebook’s Marketplace. However, before you get started with any online selling apps, be sure to read the platform’s safety guidelines.

It’s never too soon to begin thinking about the next step in life. For more information on making a move to The Knolls, give us a call today at 914-461-4500, or visit us online. With a wide variety of one- and two-bedroom floor plans, you’ll find the perfect floor plan at The Knolls. And with Premiere Transitions, you’ll receive the assistance you need in planning your move to get here quicker!

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