If you’re looking into senior living communities for the next step in your exciting journey, you probably have questions on what type of community will provide the most value to your life—both financially and for your overall well-being. The Knolls is a senior living community known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, also known as a CCRC. A CCRC can provide unmatched value in comparison to other types of retirement communities. Here’s why.

1. Stability for the future

A CCRC is different from what you may imagine when thinking of a retirement community. CCRCS offer a full continuum of care all at one convenient location. That means you’ll always have access to quality healthcare right on campus. Not only is this handy but will also help keep you independent and active as long as possible. The on-site healthcare team and the many amenities offered at The Knolls will help you maintain that energetic, dynamic lifestyle you deserve. Further, you’re staying in a familiar setting close to your family and friends at this community. To learn more about why CCRCs provide the best retirement living for today and tomorrow, download our white paper.

In addition, The Knolls is a non-profit community sponsored by Bethel, an organization that has been provided quality service to seniors in Westchester County for more than 100 years. As a non-profit, The Knolls does not report to corporate shareholders. Instead, everything The Knolls does is to improve the lives of our residents and their families. At The Knolls, you have a home for life that includes priceless peace of mind.

2. Flexible contracts

As a CCRC in New York, The Knolls offers two types of contracts, which each have different benefits. When considering what type of contract will best suit you, consider how much responsibility you’d like to assume and your long-term financial plans. That way, you can select which contract will best fit your needs and personal preferences.

One option is called the Modified, or Type B contract, which includes a particular number of days of healthcare services at no additional cost at a per diem rate, should the need arise. Often, people with this type of contract combine the plan with their long-term care insurance. Overall, the modified contract is a good middle-ground between upfront affordability and long-term security.

Alternatively, a Fee-for-Service contract will charge the lowest entrance fee and monthly service fee. Like the Type B (modified) contract, residents often combine long-term care insurance with this type of contract. This is, of course, assuming the resident will need healthcare services: it’s possible you may not need those services down the road. If the need should ever arise, healthcare services will be charged at the present market rate, hence the “fee-for-service” name of this contract option.

No matter which contract you choose, The Knolls presents one of the smartest decisions you can make for the future you’ve earned. That’s because our entrance fee and monthly service fees go towards the many convenient services and amenities offered here. This includes our dining services, housekeeping, maintenance, and other fun-filled programs.

3. Forget the small stuff, we’ve got it

Imagine never having to rake the leaves, mow the lawn, or paying contractors to fix annoyances around the house. At The Knolls, you will never have to do those things again! Our Monthly Service Package has many benefits, including complete building and grounds maintenance, meaning you will never have to deal with those outdoor chores again. Our experienced maintenance team will take care of any appliance issues you have in your home. We’ll even change your lightbulbs! They are only a call away.

If you’re too tired after a full-day of fun-filled activities to clean, don’t worry. Our weekly housekeeping services (also covered by your Monthly Service Package) can help take care of the mess. In addition, our housekeeping services are proud to provide yearly deep cleanings for those hard-to-get areas of your home. Further, we offer a weekly flat linen service to assist with your laundry. If you’d rather take care of your laundry yourself, don’t fret—each of our luxury apartment homes come with a washer and dryer for you to take care of any clothing refreshes you need.

Going for a getaway weekend? With our 24-hour security, staffing, and emergency response system, you can rest easy knowing your home and belongings will remain safe during your trip. If you need help booking your trip, visit our concierge service team who can help with booking flights and transportation to the airport. If you’d rather visit one of the many local venues, like the Metropolitan Opera, then you can use community’s transportation system. See what a great value the Monthly Service Package is?

That’s not all: The Knolls offers tons of pleasurable ventures to enjoy at the community. Our Cultural Arts Program encourages artistic pursuits, cultural outings, and continuing education programs planned by our professional staff. Want to stay healthy and active? Visit our Fitness Room and Wellness Center to exercise. If you prefer more social activities, our staff regularly arranges popular recreational activities.

As a CCRC with many different types of contracts available to you and many interesting floor plans, The Knolls will have your perfect new home.  Plus, with no home maintenance fees or chores to weigh you down, you’re free from the worries that held you back. If you’re interested in learning more about The Knolls, get in touch by calling us at 914-461-4517.

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