At the center of any happy, healthy lifestyle is wellness. Your retirement should bring new opportunities to explore what this concept means to you and how best to integrate it. Shouldn’t your retirement community do the same? At The Knolls, we understand that everyone’s wellness goals are different, but they all require support and resources, such as year-round pool access. 

To better help our residents live life well, we asked about their priorities. In recent years, many have lobbied for pool and fitness center updates. Avid swimmers or not, most seniors recognize the relationship between their continued well-being and exercise. Swimming can provide so many long-term health benefits, especially when it becomes a part of your regular routine. As we planned the updates to our heated, indoor pool, we kept community members in mind. Their feedback has allowed us to create a beautiful new space that provides ample wellness opportunities for active retirement living.

Social Swim

Whether you’re in the mood for a solo swim or a group class, you can head to our recently updated pool area, complete with a high cathedral ceiling, modern lighting and calming color scheme. The pool itself has been recently resurfaced and painted for an elegant finish that will benefit residents for years to come. But opportunities to relax and socialize begin before you even reach the water.

Updated Pool with Modern Lighting and Cathedral Ceilings

Locker room updates are currently underway, so you’ll be able to catch up with neighbors before and after your swim. Keep the conversation going as you head to a group exercise class, like water aerobics, taught by one of the skilled members of our wellness staff. One study showed that this type of activity improved the sense of community among seniors while allowing them to reap the social and physical benefits of swimming. The same can be said for The Knolls.

Not even a Westchester County winter can derail residents’ swim routines, but in the summer months, this space transforms. Deck construction will begin later this year, offering even more chances to spend time poolside and stay connected. Sliding glass doors will separate the indoor/outdoor areas while preserving sight lines for open entertaining. The pool deck will seamlessly transition to the outdoor deck and patio for post-swim gatherings as the weather warms. Once these updates are complete, everyone at The Knolls will be able to enjoy this multipurpose wellness space.  

Low Impact, High Reward

Within the community, the pool has long been an important part of the active lifestyle we promote. Did you know that experts recommend swimming for joint health? Being in the water allows for a better range of motion at any age. Its natural buoyancy minimizes the stress on our joints, which becomes especially important as we age and lose some of our flexibility. During a 2016 study, Harvard researchers found that this low-impact exercise had a positive effect on patients dealing with chronic conditions related to joint pain, such as fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. 

Apart from that, research suggests that swimming may be the only exercise to significantly lower seniors’ risk of falling. By activating all the main muscle groups, this water-based activity builds a strong core while improving posture. Although Australian researchers included men aged 70 and older who engaged in a variety of exercises, they ultimately found that “men in the study who swam were 33 percent less likely to fall.” They theorized that women would similarly benefit from swimming since they tend to have less muscle strength on average than men.

Cardiovascular health can also be improved by an aquatic routine. Many people report feeling less stressed after spending time in the pool. That soothing sensation that comes as soon as you enter the water is the body’s natural reaction, which is known to promote physical and mental well-being. It’s an immediate reduction of your heart rate, which allows you to strengthen this key muscle without straining yourself. Swimming a few times each week can lead to better circulation, lower blood pressure, increased levels of good cholesterol and a reduced risk of many illnesses, including diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, etc.

With all these potential wellness benefits, it’s easy to understand why our residents requested the updates. Imagine joining your friends and neighbors in this luxurious space a few times each week to stretch, socialize and swim. You can schedule a visit today to see our heated, indoor pool and learn more about other planned improvements coming to The Knolls.

The Knolls
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