If your search for a Continuing Care Retirement Community has just begun, you may be a little unsure of how to proceed. At The Knolls, we can certainly point you in the right direction with some pertinent information and key questions that will equip you for further research and community tours.

The first tip to remember as you shop for a retirement community, is to compare apples-to-apples whenever possible. The following questions are designed to help you compare features, services and costs.

1.) What residences are available?

You probably have an idea about the kind of apartment you want during your retirement, whether it’s a one-bedroom or two-bedroom, etc. Ask to see floor plans of that particular type and, of course, be sure to visit them in-person.

The Knolls currently offers a wide range of apartment homes, ranging from cozy one-bedrooms to spacious two-bedrooms with a den. For information on available apartments, give our team a call at 914-468-4728.

2.) What levels of care are provided?

Ask your retirement counselor what levels of care are provided on-site, including assisted living and skilled nursing. As you age, your needs may change, and additional care levels can ensure you will not have to leave your retirement community to find services elsewhere.

3.) What are the associated fees?

After you’ve determined which residence and levels of care you want, ask about the cost of the entrance and monthly service fees. These costs are dependent on a few factors, including residence size and contract type, so make sure to get all the details from your retirement counselor. You may also want to consider consulting your financial advisor to review the contract and associated costs.

4.) What amenities are available?

What amenities are important to you? Are they available on-site? The Knolls has a long list of campus amenities, including a casual bistro, an indoor swimming pool, library, salon and barbershop, a convenience store and much more.

5.) What services are available?

What services would make your daily life easier and free up your time? One of the main benefits of a retirement community lifestyle is the provision of services that allow you to spend your time doing the things you enjoy most.

The Knolls offers services such as scheduled transportation, total building and grounds maintenance, 24-hour security, and much more.

6.) What’s included in the monthly service fee?

Ask for a comprehensive list of everything that’s included in the cost of the monthly service fee, and find out what services and amenities could be an additional cost. For information on what services and amenities are available for no additional cost at The Knolls, give our team a call at 914-468-4728.

7.) What dining services are available?

Each community manages their dining services a little differently. Ask what venues, menu options and dining hours are offered and how they’re accounted for in your monthly costs. The Knolls offers a casual bistro and elegant dining venues, and a private dining room for parties or events.

8.) What wellness programs are available?

Physical health isn’t the only factor when it comes to wellness. Wellness includes many dimensions, such as physical, social, emotional, spiritual and more. Does the community have programs or amenities that help nurture each of these dimensions?

The Knolls’ Cultural Arts Program is very popular among residents. There’s an abundance of artistic pursuits, cultural outings and continuing education events planned down to every detail by our professional staff.

9.) What is the community culture like?

Community culture can make a big difference in the daily life at a retirement community. Are they a not-for-profit? How are community decisions made? These can all be factors of community culture that are important to keep in mind as you shop for a retirement community. It can make a difference in whether or not a community is the right one for you.

For more information about the benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community, such as The Knolls, give us a call today at 914-468-4728.

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