Everyone knows the old saying, “There’s safety in numbers,” which means that we are not alone to fend for ourselves in an uncertain situation, that we have the protection of each other and that, together, we will be okay.

And that’s exactly what it’s like living at The Knolls as the world addresses the challenges of COVID-19. The residents here know they are safe and secure because they live in a community of friends and neighbors where everyone checks on each other, on any given day, but especially now. They also have the reassuring presence of an attentive staff, always on hand to listen and help when needed.

Activities and opportunities for socialization continue, although modified for the safety of the residents and community, and the familiarity of these scheduled programs brings a comforting sense of normalcy and routine.

Being outdoors right now is another good way to spend time. The Knolls’ beautiful, landscaped grounds are full of color as flowers, shrubs and trees are all at various stages of bloom. Observing these changes each day as leaves unfurl, new buds open and perennials start to push through the soil, is a wonderful pastime in itself. And the patio is the perfect spot to catch some sun, read a book or take a stroll.

The Knolls’ library is also an excellent place to enjoy a contemplative space with a diverse offering of reading materials. Reading is also a great way to transport oneself, vicariously for now, to other parts of the globe by becoming immersed in a good book!

Furthermore, each apartment layout also provides an optimal setting for those currently spending more time in their homes. Whichever model or whatever the total square footage, each one is bright and spacious and so tastefully appointed. And with all the convenience of housekeeping and maintenance services, there is plenty of “me” time to enjoy watching a movie, working on an art project, listening to an opera, getting exercise or any number of favorite pastimes.

Meanwhile, the community of neighbors, friends and staff are right there, too, offering an opportunity for camaraderie and service each day. There is “safety in numbers” and strength in community and The Knolls offers both and so much more! To learn more about what life is like at The Knolls, take a look at our website or call 914-461-4517. 

The Knolls
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