Dr. Germaine Jacquette, “Gerry” for short, was in a position in which many of her peers also found themselves. The unending uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic had her seeking a safe choice for her next step and for her long-term future. She found an excellent option that included both the security and the lifestyle she wanted, and it was just a few minutes from her former house in White Plains. In December 2020, Gerry moved to The Knolls.

Making the safe bet

The fact that Gerry, an infectious disease physician with decades of experience in community health and infection prevention, chose The Knolls amid the pandemic is a testament to the trust one can place in this senior living community in Westchester. As a Bethel community, The Knolls is a not-for-profit organization that puts residents above all else, which Gerry has experienced firsthand. These days, that comes down to safety.

“I feel like this is a much safer place than a lot of places,” Gerry said. “We’ve all been vaccinated, and all the employees have been too. It provides a sense of safety, whereas in my old neighborhood I wouldn’t know who was and who wasn’t vaccinated.”

Gerry also explained that aiding her decision to move to The Knolls was the fact that she is a recent cancer survivor. So, being in a place that offers support—if the need arises—gave her an added sense of security.

“I was living alone during my first round of chemo,” Gerry explained. “I thought, if it comes back, it would be better to be in a supportive place. Having people nearby for help; having the concierge and drivers help with appointments; having balanced meals cooked for you each day; those are big factors.”

Choosing The Knolls also helped Gerry eliminate another kind of uncertainty that many of her peers have experienced since the pandemic began: “What will happen to the housing market?” she wondered.

With strong equity in her former house in White Plains, Gerry had high on her list being able to make the most of today’s market and attain the best return on her investment. She decided to take advantage of the current real estate market conditions, and she’s glad that she did.

Among her current health, future health and financial health, it’s clear that choosing The Knolls was the smartest decision for Gerry. Now, she can be certain in her future and enjoy each day among like-minded neighbors who’ve become fast friends.

Singing, swimming and more

“Recently, I was at dinner chatting with a couple of neighbors about the singing groups they participate in outside of The Knolls,” Gerry said. “I happen to know a lot of words to songs from musical productions, so we all just started singing right there at the end of dinner. Before long, we formed an after-dinner singing group!”

That’s just one example of how Gerry’s own energy and enthusiasm blended perfectly with what she found at The Knolls. She has also pursued new experiences such as the book club and watercolor classes. More recently, she has caught on with the play reading group, which she said she adores. Artistic experiences aside, Gerry also enjoys exercising her body and mind.

“I was a swimmer when I was young and I’m eagerly awaiting the reopening of the pool here that’s under renovation,” she said. “I used to walk a lot in my old neighborhood too, which was my main form of exercise. I joined the walking group here to walk each day for a mile and a half; it has kept me on a good schedule of physical activity.”

Stroll through the recently renovated community spaces at The Knolls and you may also find Gerry and a few friends partaking in the jigsaw puzzle tables. Or maybe just Gerry, who admits being “addicted” to them, even the uber-challenging Titanic-themed one!

Whether she’s out walking, swimming, singing or puzzling, Gerry also enjoys coming home each evening to her Elmwood residence, which she personalized to her own taste with the help of a professional decorator. “When you walk in, [the Elmwood is] immediately appealing,” Gerry said.

The same can be said about The Knolls, where everyone fits in and welcomes you with a down-to-earth attitude. Gerry noticed how that stood out from other retirement communities in Westchester.

“I visited other communities around here, but they didn’t appeal to me, and the people seemed snobby,” Gerry said. “Here, it’s a friendly group; people are modest and welcoming. Even the visiting pharmacy manager commented on it when he was administering our booster shots: ‘This place seems very upbeat!’ he said.”

It’s true: The Knolls is an upbeat place to be for active individuals and couples seeking a safe, secure home for no matter what the future brings. 

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The Knolls
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