Learning never ends. Even long after your school days are complete, each day brings with it opportunities to grow and contribute in new ways. And that’s exactly what you can do while living at The Knolls in Valhalla, thanks to the Westchester Community College (WCC) campus right next door.

Imagine waking up in the morning to get ready to attend a continuing education class, guest speaker presentation or artistic performance, all within walking distance of your home. This is just a small sample of the opportunities at your disposal, whether you want to expand your knowledge, expand your skills or both.

The many interesting classes

WCC offers a wide variety of classes. No matter your interests, WCC’s continuing education classes will enable you to better your talents, enjoy time with diverse classmates and engage in lively discussions and demonstrations. Here are just a few highlights of the many classes offered at WCC.

If you consider yourself to be a performer, try one of the voice and piano classes to hone your musical skills. Are visual arts more your style? Take one of the many painting or photography classes to create masterpieces to hang in your home. Maybe you prefer your masterpieces to be in the kitchen. Sign up for one of the many culinary classes, and learn to prepare new dishes for your peers. Is fashion your passion? There are numerous opportunities to learn about the history of the fashion industry, fashion design and much more.

Learn a new language in one of the many language classes offered or discover the beauty of the human mind in a psychology class. Join one of the history classes, and learn about the many aspects of human aspiration and achievement around the world. If you are more scientific-minded, check out the environmental science class, where you will learn about ecosystem protection and environmental justice. Looking to learn more about computers? You could take the introduction to computing concepts class, where programming and computer-related disciplines will be explored.

If you’re interested in learning more about what classes are offered at WCC, visit its Degree and Certificate Programs page, which showcases the many different schools and programs offered. Even if you’re not interested in pursuing a degree, this page will help give you an idea of the many opportunities available for you at WCC.

Lifelong learning at any age, at WCC and The Knolls

As an active retiree who cares about lifelong learning opportunities, you can take advantage of many programs specific to seniors. Individuals at age 60 or older can audit courses. By auditing a course, you get the benefits of joining the class without worrying about your test scores or homework. While you do not get college credit for this type of course, you still get the benefits of bonding with classmates while enjoying learning your new favorite subject. In. addition, you could take advantage of Mainstream, the Institute for Mature Adults. This program has been an innovator in lifelong learning opportunities for adults older than 50. You can take courses on enrichment, personal growth, history, culture, sports and even fitness. These noncredit courses are tailored specifically to active seniors like you. You can also take advantage of Collegium for Lifelong Learning led by exceptional volunteers—even members of The Knolls’ community!

Some residents at The Knolls even teach at WCC. Our residents Tony and Selena B. have helped lead the Collegium for Lifelong Learning program at WCC. During these 90-minute classes, the couple hosts a lively discussion of newsworthy topics. From terrorism to healthcare, these classes truly cover it all. These courses run for 6 weeks in the spring, fall and winter on Wednesdays and Fridays. The couple has led the program for more than 8 years and encourages a congenial environment for open discussion.

The exciting events

In addition to the many interesting classes, WCC hosts events that are open to both students and the general community. Visit the Alumni Art Exhibition to see the creativity of professional artists who studied at the WCC proudly displayed. Or meet with of one of the affinity groups, like the Latinas in Power Meeting, to find students like you. If you’re still looking to advance your career, consider joining some of the Career Services 15 Minute Drop-Ins so you can ask any quick question about your resume or job. If you’re looking for a friend to lean on, consider joining one of the free and confidential Mental Health Support Groups, where you can learn healthy ways of coping with stress and life. As the spring semester approaches, many more events will be added to the calendar so keep an eye out for more exciting events.

Retirement does not mean stagnation. Instead, retirement gives you the opportunity to pursue your passions and never stop learning or growing. If you’re interested in taking advantage of an active and educational retirement, take a closer look at The Knolls. Here, you will experience an enhanced lifestyle while enjoying the many amenities, like our Fitness & Wellness Center, Creative Arts Studio, and beauty salon and barbershop. Don’t forget the proximity The Knolls has to WCC for additional learning opportunities to keep your mind engaged. If you’re interested in visiting The Knolls and exploring the endless opportunities it offers on and off campus, contact us at 914-461-4500.

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