“This place is wonderful. I really wish I’d made the move sooner.” Those words are among the most common things you’ll hear from residents of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Among the biggest challenges in doing so is the fact that finding the right time and place can be time-consuming, not to mention daunting. You have to manage finances, downsizing from your current home, and your personal needs in the process. Once you decide to join a Life Plan Community, you enter into a kind of “limbo.”

This “limbo” stage is exactly why joining a waitlist makes so much sense. If you’re looking for control, stability and peace of mind as you take the next step in your post-career years, getting on a waitlist is the way to go.

The Knolls’ friendly, dynamic community and excellent amenities make it one of the most popular Life Plan Communities in Westchester County. As a result, many active people want to make The Knolls their new home. Although there’s already a “line” of sorts for our spacious and beautiful apartment homes, joining The Knolls’ waitlist early helps ensure that when you’re ready to move, your new home will be available.

If a residence becomes available but the timing of the move or the size of the residence doesn’t suit you, you’re under no obligation to take it. There’s no pressure — only options. For example, you won’t lose your place in line. This is convenient for multiple reasons. It gives you plenty of time to transition, so if you need to rightsize before moving to a CCRC, you can take all the time you want. It also increases the likelihood of getting the exact residence you want, regardless of how in-demand it is.  

If you find the concept of living in a Life Plan Community appealing, it’s also worthwhile to get on the waitlist for The Knolls ASAP because the line will only grow as more people realize why the community is such a tremendous value. Additionally, when you choose to move to The Knolls, you’ll have the opportunity to work with Premier Transitions, a well-respected provider of senior relocation services. The company will manage every aspect of your sale – downsizing, making repairs, pricing and more.

Another benefit of being on the waitlist is that you immediately uncover more resources to assist in your transition. You’ll also have the opportunity to become more familiar with your new home, the community and our people before your move. These are all great reasons to start the transition process earlier rather than later. 

Here are the top five reasons to get on our waitlist early:

1. A secure plan for the future NOW

In addition to the independent living offered at CCRCs like The Knolls, assisted living and skilled nursing options are also available should the time come when you need them. So, getting on the waitlist early means having a secure plan for the future. Not only that, but by creating a plan like this, you’re not only taking the worry out of your future care, but you’re also ensuring your children won’t have to worry about it either. Residents of The Knolls, for example, can opt for a Modified contract or a Modified Fee-for-Service contract, which both ensure you’ll have access to these services whenever you need them.

2. Informed decision-making is in your hands

Another reason for getting on the waitlist is the ability to take your time in considering all the options and making an informed decision. Waiting until a crisis before you make a decision can mean making a rushed one or requiring family members to make it for you. By starting your planning process early, you can choose the CCRC that best suits your lifestyle.

3. Take your first step toward maintenance-free living

Sure, you can mow the lawn and rake the leaves, but does that mean you want to? Probably not. Getting yourself on the waitlist for a community like The Knolls early means you’ve taken the first step in being able to stop spending time on house and yard maintenance and start spending it on the things that truly matter.

4. Retirement is not a requirement

Many residents of retirement communities continue their careers while living at CCRCs. Moving to a CCRC makes it easier to continue working since you’ll have more free time. And more time means you can take advantage of the activities and amenities available at The Knolls. Our residents are active, engaged members of our community. And there really is so much to do.

5. Selling your house

The process of selling a house can be a long one. From reducing clutter to making repairs and home staging, there’s a lot to do before your house even hits the market. Starting the process early gives you time to make the decisions you’ll need to without the added pressure of feeling rushed.

Whenever you decide to make the move, The Knolls is here for you. Our friendly and helpful staff will do everything they can to help you determine what’s best for you. And the residents of our community are here, waiting to greet their new neighbors. The best part of getting on the waitlist now is that it means your new home is here, just waiting for you.

If you’d like to learn more about The Knolls retirement community from future friends and neighbors, start today by scheduling a tour of the community. Contact us at (914) 461-4518 to schedule your visit and discover for yourself what a comfortable experience making this move can be.

The Knolls
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