Winter at The Knolls makes living in Westchester county hassle-free when the snow starts to fall.
Westchester County winters can be beautiful, but the weather can make the season a hassle. Living at The Knolls takes all the hassle away and replaces it with fun.
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There are many terrific reasons to choose the historic Hudson Valley as a place to live. Beautiful landscapes, a plethora of diverse cultural experiences and world-class dining options all contribute to what makes Westchester a wonderful place to call home.  And who doesn’t love living in a four-season climate, where each change brings its own distinct color and character?

Well, except for winter, maybe, which makes life a little tricky. Even making day-to-day plans can be more difficult because of always needing to check the forecast and adjust to Mother Nature’s whims. But here at The Knolls, you can enjoy the splendor of freshly fallen snow without any of the daily hassles it brings.

Make shoveling a thing of the past

We’ve all been there; waking up to an unexpected snowfall can drastically change your day –before you even get out of bed. Leaving the warmth of the covers early and heading into the bitter cold to shovel is a tough start to any morning. The heavy exertion and the risk of slipping and falling when dealing with snow and ice can be challenging. At The Knolls, our roads are plowed and salted after every snowfall, so you can catch a few extra minutes of shut-eye before you begin your day. Just brush off your car and you’ll be on your way!

Winter woes won’t hold you back at The Knolls

In addition to the physical stresses of winter, there are financial ones as well. Winterizing your home can become quite expensive very quickly – and even with those precautions your fuel bill can skyrocket as the thermostat numbers fall. At The Knolls, we can’t make the Westchester weather warmer, but we can make the winter more palatable by removing some of those expenses. No more costly upgrades to your home to try and limit your heating bill – it’s on us! All utilities (heat, hot water, electricity) are already included in your monthly fee, so there’s no cause for concern from an unexpected bill, even when temperatures drop.

No freeze on fun

No one likes to leave the house on an ice-cold winter’s morning. The frigid temperatures and difficult driving conditions can quickly turn a wonderful day into an irritating one. However, here at The Knolls, there’s always something to do – without ever stepping foot outside! Opportunities for exercise, cultural enrichment and socialization abound, inclement weather notwithstanding. Enjoy a lecture, catch a film or even enjoy group fitness programming like our popular Aqua Zumba® class.

Tension-free traveling

What better way to escape the chill of winter than to take a trip? Whether near or far, to visit family or explore a distant destination, living at a CCRC like The Knolls makes traveling easier than ever before. Our maintenance team is here to protect against homeowner concerns like frozen pipes or failing furnaces. And our 24-hour security team will make sure your home is secure. Even snowbirds can have peace of mind knowing their homes will be well cared for when they head south for the winter. The only thing they’ll have to do when they come back in the spring is unpack their suitcases.

Winter can be a challenge for anyone, but life at The Knolls can allow you to focus on the things that make this time of year so wonderful. Don’t wait until spring to learn more about our community! Call 914-461-4517 today or click here to get in touch!

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