These days, discerning individuals and couples of the Lower Hudson Valley are asking the right questions when it comes to their futures. With rich experiences and a keen understanding of the value of planning, they want to ensure that they’re choosing the right path for their post-career years.

So, like many of your peers, you might also begin asking around about where your next step can take you. Perhaps you’ve asked your friends, your children, your neighbors. Maybe, you’ve even asked your phone, and that’s what brought you to this helpful article in the first place. And that’s great!

Regardless of how you arrived here—and where you plan to go next—we would like to introduce you to The Knolls. Here’s why when you ask around or even ask your digital assistant, “What’s the best senior living community near me in Westchester, NY?” you will find The Knolls at the top of the list.

Impressive value

You’ve come to know that value means so much more than price. Rather, it’s what you get for the price that creates an exceptional value, of which The Knolls is a perfect example.

Relative to the other retirement communities in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley, The Knolls offers entrance fees and contract options that are both competitive and attainable for various financial situations. When adding in the robust monthly service package that every resident enjoys, the value—what you get for what you pay—only increases in our favor.

Plus, members of our community have commonly found that their expenses at The Knolls are close to or less than what they were paying to stay in their house. A key difference? Here, they’re surrounded by like-minded neighbors and endless opportunities for engagement, wellness and fulfillment.

When you do the math and compare the value, The Knolls stands out as the best senior living community in Westchester from a financial perspective alone. However, other key factors reaffirm that this warm, welcoming community is a stellar choice.

The Knolls in Westchester offers the security you seek

Perhaps now more than ever, you’re seeking security and stability. Recent events have upped the importance of peace of mind for whatever the future holds. Fortunately, The Knolls has you covered.

For example, we’ve remained resolute in the face of COVID-19 and have provided priceless security to the members of our community that they may have not had elsewhere. We’ve secured vaccines, found ways to keep our community active and engaged despite the required distance, and have remained fully operational, from dining to housekeeping to maintenance and snow removal. Could you get all that by staying in your house?

Permanent peace of mind for tomorrow, too

Beyond the day-to-day, this is a great time for a reminder that anyone living at The Knolls also has ongoing peace of mind for the future thanks to our status as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). If the need ever arises, you’ll have guaranteed priority access to the on-site healthcare suite powered by our parent organization, Bethel.

Furthermore, The Knolls is a locally managed, not-for-profit organization, and it remains dedicated to reinvesting in its members and always improving the ideal Westchester retirement experience that it provides. It’s an experience that includes an enhanced lifestyle, warm friendships, comfortable and customizable homes and a prime location that keeps you connected to what (and who) you love.

With all this in mind, we encourage you to keep asking around and doing your research on finding the best senior living community in Westchester, and then ultimately determine which is the best option for you. We do believe that the more you ask (whether asking humans or Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.), the more you’ll come to discover The Knolls as a leading option for wise Westchesterites like you.

To continue learning more about The Knolls, simply click here or call 914-461-4500 to request our free information kit.

The Knolls
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