If you’re a regular visitor to our blog—which you definitely should be—you may have seen a new type of post. Our team has worked diligently to produce special video interviews with current residents of The Knolls so you can see why people just like you have chosen this ideal CCRC in Westchester.

Here, we would like to introduce you to three current members of the community at The Knolls and just share some of the highlights from those informative and engaging videos, because we know you’re on-the-go! Of course, we encourage viewing the videos in their entirety as they’re only five minutes or so each, so feel free to bookmark this page.

Let’s get to know Elizabeth, Herb and Harriet!

Meet Elizabeth: The savvy professional

Like many of her neighbors at The Knolls, Elizabeth continues her successful career while living among like-minded peers. Plus, her career experience as a clinical ethicist helped her see firsthand the proactive value of moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Here’s what she had to say:

  • “While working as a consultant ethicist after moving to The Knolls, I found it so amenable because I didn’t have to travel far. I came home and could go to the dining room and get supper and didn’t have to worry about cooking. It was really easy.”

  • “Moving to The Knolls has made my life a much easier journey. Previous to this with Hurricane Sandy I lost my roof and a side of my house and although I had wonderful people help fix it, when I came here, I was glad to not have to worry about trees falling, shoveling snow, worrying about where the car is parked.”

  • “My advice to someone considering a CCRC would be to make decisions when you have the capacity to do so. You don’t need to move right then, but you should have a plan for the future. I have found from my work experience that putting decisions off for too long can be a problem…and puts you in a position without control.”

Meet Herb: The social butterfly

As one of the newest members of our community, Herb loves being in an environment where he can meet people and make new friends quickly. Plus, even moving amid the pandemic was smooth and satisfactory—and easier on his wallet! Hear it from Herb:

  • “The motivating factor for me was that I had a large house in Ossining and was alone, and I didn’t want to be alone anymore. So, I decided to do my due diligence and visited every retirement community in the area, 9 in total…I was really impressed with The Knolls, and I got the impression that socialization here would be better and easier.”

  • “I was terrified of having to downsize my home of 40 years, but The Knolls recommended a concierge service that I used. It worked beautifully…I sold my house in four hours. The concierge helped me decide which furniture to bring and even laid out a site plan of where it would go in my new apartment. Moving was much better than I anticipated it would be.”

  • Financially, this was a better deal than the other communities I visited…I totaled up the cost of my house—mortgage, insurance, gardening, everything else—and since moving to The Knolls I don’t have these expenses. I used to have to go to the ATM every week, and at the Knolls, I’ve gone twice in six months!”

Meet Harriet: The proactive parent

One of the many reasons that older adults choose CCRC living is because it relieves the burden of worry and work from their family, no matter what happens in the future. When Harriet brought up the idea of moving to a CCRC with her children around Christmastime a couple of years ago, they were in shock, but quickly realized what a big gift to them it would be. Plus, Harriet likes freeing herself of the burdens of home ownership. In her words:

  • “I chose a CCRC because I really thought I would be a burden on my children when I became elderly, and I didn’t want them to worry about me. With a child in California, Pennsylvania and New York, The Knolls seemed to be an ideal location…I came here much to my children’s surprise, but they are thrilled that I made such a decision especially with the pandemic. They realize it’s been a wonderful experience…They are free to go where they would like and know that I am safe.”

  • “My life at The Knolls has been wonderful. It has removed so much responsibility from my shoulders. I had a house with a pool and land and had to worry about if the snowplow man was hired and the blacktop driveway got sealed each year. Here, every worry about home maintenance was removed. I used to turn the lights out automatically when I left the room but now, I know even if I leave it on, I don’t have an electric bill!”

  • “There are some people living here who are older than I am, and they have told me that when you don’t have responsibilities, you live to a ripe old age! So, I hope that living here helps me live as healthily and vibrantly as them…This has been an excellent change.”

Whether you’re a savvy pro like Elizabeth, social butterfly like Herb, proactive parent like Harriet or just your unique self, we believe that The Knolls is the ideal CCRC in Westchester for everyone. We hope that you enjoy watching the video interviews here in full, as well as new ones in the future. You can view the full archive by clicking here.

To learn more about The Knolls firsthand, we’d love to host you for a private, safe personal appointment. Click here or call 914-461-4500 to coordinate your visit today.

The Knolls
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