“The advantage of living at The Knolls,” says resident Richard B., “is the community that we live in.”

Whether you want to work out in the fitness center, head out of town on a day trip, or watch a movie, there’s always someone who will want to join you.

“You can bump into someone in the hall, and ask if they want to play Rummikub or bridge. Physically bringing people together in a community enlarges and enhances life in contrast to being alone,” adds Richard.

According to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, among senior participants, “43% reported feeling lonely.” Surprisingly, loneliness can be a contributor to things like heart disease, stroke, depression and other health problems. In fact, people who report being lonely are at a 29% higher risk of heart disease and a 32% higher risk of stroke.

Finding ways to stay involved in your community means living a healthier life, not only emotionally, but physically too. Consider the social opportunities in your current house. Do you frequently see your friends and family? Are you an active part of your current neighborhood or community? Do you often meet new people?

Expand Your Social Network, On and Off Campus

There are many great ways to expand your social network including volunteering, joining a club or group, serving on a committee or spending time outdoors—and living at The Knolls in Westchester makes it easy to do so. Living a community lifestyle means always having an opportunity to spend time with friends, and make new ones.

Richard spends his time on and off campus, involved in many social, intellectual, and occupational pursuits. “One kind of volunteering I do is management consulting for public service organizations, as a continuation of my career,” says Richard. “I also volunteer as an arbitrator for the New York State Court System.”

Resident committees are another great way to stay involved on campus. Richard currently serves on the Dining Experience Committee and the Finance Committee. These resident-led groups work with other residents and staff members to voice concerns, give resident input and lead efforts to achieve their specific goals.

“The Dining Experience Committee meets regularly with the kitchen management and staff to talk about how to improve the dining experience,” says Richard. “The Finance Committee is for residents who want to work with management and discuss the financial health of the community.”

Richard also frequently uses the fitness center, and joins in on some of the fitness classes. “There are lots of classes offered here. They have classes in the water and on land, all led by a trainer.”

If you prefer to spend time off campus, The Knolls makes it easy with regularly scheduled transportation, planned day trips, and special excursions around town to venues such as art museums, theaters, and restaurants. If you enjoy traveling farther distances to visit family or to see new places, you can do so with peace of mind, knowing that your home will be safe and secure. Richard travels with a group through Road Scholar, a program that supports domestic and international educational trips, and intellectual programs for adults.

Richard adds, “One thing that’s so important in making the Knolls such a warm and caring community is the quality of the staff members who support the residents.The dining room and kitchen staff, the concierge, maintenance and housekeeping staff members almost without exception care deeply about our welfare and our needs, and respond cheerfully and respectfully; similarly, the fitness and the cultural arts department members share these same warm and supportive characteristics. At the same time, there is deep respect for individual privacy on the part of both staff and residents. These are important ingredients in making The Knolls a truly unique community.”

If you don’t see something on the social calendar that appeals to you, feel free to suggest or start your own club, committee, or activity.

At The Knolls, there are countless ways to connect with other residents, staff members, friends, and your community. Richard adds, “It’s become like a big family. Everyone feels comfortable and at ease with each other.”

Discover the benefits of community living at The Knolls in Westchester by clicking here or giving us a call today at 914-461-4517!

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